Giada At Home

Family Recipes from Italy and California


Game Hens, Roasted Citrus-
Herb, with Crouton Salad,
122, 123–24
Garlic-Rosemary Mayonnaise, 63
Ginger Simple Syrup, 207
Ginger-Tea Lemonade with Basil,
Grains. See also Cornmeal; Rice
Cheesy Baked Farro, 91–92, 93
Granita, Limoncello, 193
Greens. See also Arugula
Bibb, Basil, and Mint Salad with
Parmesan Butter Crostini,
148, 149
Fusilli with Spicy Pesto, 88, 89
Garbanzo Beans, and Ricotta
Salata, Orecchiette with, 81
Penne with Treviso and Goat
Cheese, 82, 83