October 10, 2013
Eat, Drink, and be Scary!

Fall has finally arrived, but I don't think the weather got the memo! We have had the most unbelievably beautiful days lately, and it's been just warm enough to get all of my favorite shorts in for one last rotation.

For me, there's no cozier season than autumn. It's all about layered clothing, sweater-weather, nutmeg and cumin, caramel apples, and candlelit pumpkins-Jade's favorite!

Jade keeps asking me, "Momma, when are we gonna carve our pumpkins?!" The minute the orange and black decorations start hitting the stores, she's ready to carve. I'm not sure which part she likes more, scooping out all the gooey guts out off her pumpkin so we can make toasty seeds, or the competition between her, me, and Todd to see who can carve up the creepiest jack-o-lantern. And, oh yeah, we get into it!! I'll instagram pics once the pumpkin masterpieces finally hit the porch. And a little tip for keeping your pumpkins fresh… after carving, soak the pumpkin in a bleach solution (1 tbs. bleach / gallon of water) for 8 hours. The soaking hydrates the flesh, while the bleach is an antimicrobial. You'll want to invert the pumpkin after the soak to let it dry all the way out to prevent pooling. This will help keep your pumpkin looking ghouly without actually being ghoulish and rotten, for up to two weeks! And if a bleachy pumpkin bath is not up your alley, we've used Pumpkin Fresh on set before and it seems to yield pretty impressive results as well. So there you have it! Tweet me pics of your carvings, and any good ideas for my pumpkin, if you want to share!!

We are now back on set, filming another season of Giada at Home, which is a blast as always. It's so fun it feels like a break - which really lets me know I've been busy!!! It's been a jam packed summer, full of new projects that I couldn't be more excited about, but WOW! I've been going 90 miles an hour and it just feels good to be back in a kitchen doing my thing again.

But can I just say, I had so much fun doing my book tour for the Recipe for Adventure kid's book series. I got to meet so many little fans (and their parents), which was truly so rewarding for me! I loved hearing all of their favorite parts in the books and ate those tidbits up like frozen chocolate chips. And, oh my gosh, so much good food! From yummy carne tacos and tequila in Austin to my favorite steak at RL in Chicago. It was a two week, non-stop feast and I will probably be full until I leave for my next book tour in November! Honestly though, I can't wait. I love the adventure and I'm so excited to share the new cookbook and hear your feedback! It feels like I've had to wait forever, but Nov. 5 is just around the corner! Check out my calendar for tour dates. I'd love to say hi!

And lastly, how are you liking my digital weekly?! I'm having sooo much fun putting it together. I promise the iPhone, desktop, and Android versions are coming very soon… I check daily because I can't wait to share it with everybody! If you would like a weekly reminder on Thursdays when the Digital Weekly hits the stand, I'd be happy to send you one. You can sign up here!

See you soon!!



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