Giada At Home

Family Recipes from Italy and California


Farro, Cheesy Baked, 91–92, 93

and Tomato Sauce, Chicken
Milanese with, 113–14, 115
Vegetable Fritto Misto with
Lemon Mayonnaise, 156
Vegetable Parmesan, 160–61,

Fish. See also Salmon; Tuna
Red Snapper with Fava Bean
Purée, 131
Roasted Branzino with Lemons,
128, 129–30
Roasted Halibut with Pea and
Mint Salad, 134–35
Stew, Ligurian, 48–49, 49

Frittata, Baked Provolone and
Sausage, 221
Frittata, Egg-White, with Lox and
Arugula, 222, 223

Fruit. See also specific fruits
Citrus Salad, 211
Roasted, and Panettone
Croutons, Arugula Salad with,
152–53, 153