Happy Cooking

Make Every Meal Count... Without Stressing Out.


about, 223
Barley, and Coconut Porridge, Pressure Cooker, 15
Oatmeal with Olive Oil and Oranges, 15
Overnight, 12
Raffy’s Healthy Granola, 12
reheating oatmeal, 16

Olive oil
about, 129
choosing and storing, 138
extra-virgin, about, 184
for soft skin, 132

Beet, and Kale Salad, 90–91
Fusilli Salad with Sun-Dried
Tomato Vinaigrette, 95
Green, and Prunes, Pressure Cooker Chicken Thighs with, 170
Grilled Caprese Salad, 76
Lentil Salad Niçoise, 202–3
Roman Caprese Salad, 77
Seared Cod with Tangerine and Arugula, 158

Onions, buying, 138

Cream Butter Cookies, 278 Matcha Chicken Tenders with Soy Citrus, 155
and Olive Oil, Oatmeal with, 15
Orange is the New Healthy, 8
Orzo Salad with Fresh Citrus and Red Onion, 94
Pan-Seared Salmon Burgers with Fennel Slaw, 178

Oysters with Prosecco Mignonette, 260